How to Keep Your Carpet Clean

How to Keep Your Carpet Clean

Apr 08, 2018

If you’ve recently gotten your carpet clean, it can be a great reminder of how beautiful your home can look. How do you keep the carpet looking as amazing as it does right now? In the following article, we’ll be discussing some tips and tricks to make sure that your carpet keeps looking its best in between cleanings.

1. Use area rugs and runners.

To minimize re-soiling and fiber crushing in high traffic areas, the use of area rugs and runners could be a great option. Adding a pop of color to any room, an area rug or runner can be placed in hallways, in front of doors, and areas in front of couches and chairs.

2. Vacuum carpet regularly.

To eliminate dirt and dust left, inevitably, in carpets you can always make sure vacuuming is part of your regular cleaning routine. No one wants a dirty or dingy carpet, so keep that vacuum on hand!

3. Avoid using carpet powder products.

Most people use carpet powders to eliminate odors from carpets. Powder products aren’t recommended as they tend to leave residue on the carpet that can create a white film on carpets. If you want to keep your floor looking new, and you must use powder products, use them only sparingly.

4. Get regular professional carpet cleanings.

For most carpets, manufacturers recommend that you get your carpet professionally cleaned anywhere from six to 12 months. This can seem too often, but if you think about areas in your home, especially high traffic area, that experience dirt and allergies, it can seem like not enough. Even if an entire cleaning is not needed, spot cleaning and regular maintenance ensure that your carpet doesn’t experience discoloration or crushing.

Carpets are a big investment, so make sure you do all you can now to keep your home looking beautiful longer. Give us a call today!