Keep Your Carpet Looking New

Keep Your Carpet Looking New

Sep 10, 2018

Carpets get dirty – that’s simply unavoidable. But, with proper maintenance and care, you can prevent your carpet from looking old and dingy.

Vacuum regularly

Not only does this chore keep your carpet clean, but it can also help to keep it looking like new. Dirt has abrasive qualities, so when it’s repeatedly ground into the carpet through everyday foot traffic, it can erode the backing over time. Vacuum once a week (or twice in busy areas) to remove up to 75% of dirt and debris and prevent premature aging.

Soak up spills

It’s inevitable that someone (if not you) will spill something on your carpet. When this happens, it’s important to work quickly – the longer the stain sits, the harder it will be to clean out. Dab cleaning solution onto it immediately, then blot with paper towels or a clean cloth. Remember never to rub the stain, which could make it worse. Blotting helps to soak it up instead of letting it set in. Blot from the outside in to keep the stain from spreading.

Choose the right vacuum

There is no one vacuum that suits all needs and purposes, so think about what you need in your home when choosing a vacuum. It might even be helpful to have more than one: a cordless handheld one for stairs and small messes, and an upright one for large carpeted rooms.

Trim snags

Kids and pets make snags more likely, but, like stains, these are inevitable in the life of the carpet. When you get one, don’t pull at it. This can tear the carpet away from the backing, making the problem worse. Instead, just cut the snag away at the base.

Clean with club soda

Once you learn to use it correctly, club soda can be your go-to solution for incidents such as pet stains, coffee, tea, or red wine. Give a healthy pour over the spill and dab it away with a clean cloth.

Monitor high-traffic zones

Take note of which areas of your home get the most foot traffic, like hallways, carpeted stairs, and the most frequented rooms. An area rug or runner could be placed to protect the carpet since they are easier (and cheaper) to replace.

Deep clean regularly

It’s recommended that you give your carpets a deep cleaning about every six months, even if you vacuum regularly. Whether you rent a carpet cleaner or use a professional service, a deep clean, or steam cleaning, extracts deeply embedded dirt and lingering stains to keep your carpets looking brand new.